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Hi all! I'm Vi (pronouced Vy like Violet) a long-time reader, full-time fiction and non-fiction escape artist, and a wannabe writer.

Although this site is still in its infancy, my goal is to read and review ARCs by established authors as well as newbies! I also welcome author interviews, cover reveals, and blog tours. I'll also have a few giveaways once we get rolling! I LOVE to read and am here to help YOU spread the word about your new work!

To submit a book for review, use my contact form on the right OR email me at pookielocks at ymail dot com.

Vi's Genre Likes: (paperbacks or e-galley for Kindle)

I do not read fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian, futuristic life, etc. Never read Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings and never will. Sorry.

*Young Adult - Coming-of-age, overcoming trauma, romance, suspense, mystery, & vampires (Vampire Academy NOT Twilight)

*Mystery/Suspense Thrillers - I love all Agatha Christie books starring Hercule Poirot, on one end of the spectrum. On the other end, I love anything written by Lisa Gardner!

*Contemporary Fiction - I love coming-of-age novels geared towards adults, even if the protagonist is a teen. I also love reading about a lifetime of friendship and how things grow and change as life moves forward.

*Classics - I'm a HUGE Jane Austen fan and am currently searching to read books based on her characters.

*Chick-Lit - I like to read about women falling for their best guy friends and quirky female characters.

*New Adult

*Memoirs - (Surviving mental illness, sexual assault, kidnapping & eating disorders - I swear I'm normal!)

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