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Hi all! I'm She a newbie book blogger although I'm not new to blogging in general. I like to read coming-of-age stories, whether YA, New Adult or Contempory. I also like memoirs. I'm in need of a good book review rating system. If you have any pointers, please post a comment! I need all the help I can get in that area! I just read Austenland: A Novel by Shannon Hale. I hate to say it, but although I loved the book concept, I liked the movie version better.

Please visit every book blogger on the list below and leave them a useful comment. This meme is all about connecting with other book bloggers! If you're reading this, and you'd like to join in, follow the instructions below!

1. She @ She Read
2. Peg @ The Pegster
3. Melissa & Christina @ Allodoxophobia
4. Nicole & Ashley @ The Quiet Concert
5. Kayla @ Something Beautiful


1. Visit all 5 of the bloggers listed on the prior person's blog. Leave a useful comment for each blogger on one of their posts.
2. Start your own post. Post the above image in your post with a link back to She Read.
3. Write a couple of sentences introducing yourself, your genre, a recent read, and what your book blogging expertise is in. For example - Do you think you have a great rating system? Write about it. Or, if you need help with something, ask a question to your readers. Example - How did you decide on your rating system?
4. Copy and paste the list of bloggers you just visited (with links) into your post, deleting #5 and putting yourself into the #1 slot. Move everyone else down a number.
5. List the rules underneath your BBB post content.
6. Select a current book blogger friend and post a comment on their site, inviting them to participate. Please link your BBB post in the comment so they can easily find it. You can always invite more than 1 blogger to join in. The more the merrier!

For example: Sam at I Love Books sent the meme to you

Her post had the following people listed . . .
1. Sam @ I Love Books
2. Beth @ Book Blanket Bingo
3. Tammi @ Reading Rainbos
4. Sara @ Romantic Readings
5. Denise @ Denise's Book Loft

You would copy the above list, paste it in your post, delete #5 (Denise), add YOUR link to the #1 spot, and move everyone else down a notch so that Sara is now #5.

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