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Armentrout, Jennifer - Obsidian
Ashenden, Jackie - Never Seduce a Sheikh (ARC)
Ashley, Devon - Sparrow 59 (ARC)
Atkins, Dani - Then and Always (ARC)

Bailey, Alison - Present Perfect
Baker, Amy - The Junior Bridesmaid
Barbetti, Whitney - Ten Below Zero
Barbour, Victoria - 21st Century Rake (ARC)
Barron, Stephanie - Jane and the Twelve Days of Christmas (ARC)
Baxter, Claire - Love on Location (ARC)
Besse, Olivia - Since Forever Ago (ARC)
Bester, Tamsyn - The Line Between (ARC)
Blaedel, Sara - The Forgotten Girls (ARC)
Boyd, Heather - Just a Dream (ARC)
Bramley, Sarah - Chelsea Wives and Their Mistresses (ARC)
Brayden, Melissa - Kiss the Girl (ARC)
Briggs, Elizabeth - More Than Comics (ARC)
Briggs, Elizabeth - More Than Music (ARC)
Brown, Brenda J - The Wrong Woman (ARC)
Brown, Sandra - Mean Streak (ARC)
Burstein, Lisa - The Possibility of Us (ARC)

Cahill, Ellie - When Joss Met Matt (ARC)
Cameron, Chelsea M - Sweet Surrendering (ARC)
Cameron, Chelsea M - UnWritten (ARC)
Cantor, Jillian - Searching for Sky (ARC)
Carey, M.R. - The Girl With All the Gifts (ARC)
Carmack, Cora - Faking It
Carmack, Cora - Finding It
Carpenter, Emily - The Weight of Lies (ARC)
Clark, Shelley Ann - Have Mercy (ARC)
Cleeton, Chanel - French Kissed (ARC)
Cleeton, Chanel - I See London
Cleeton, Chanel - London Falling (ARC)
Collins, Manda - Once Upon a Christmas Kiss (ARC)
Conner, Amy - The Right Thing (ARC)

Dawson, Jennifer - The Winner Takes It All (ARC)
Davenport, Bea - This Little Piggy (ARC)
Dev, Sonali - A Bollywood Affair (ARC)
Dillon, Marian - Looking for Alex (ARC)
Doktorski, Jennifer Salvato - The Summer After You and Me (ARC)

Ellink, Cate - Deep Diving (ARC)
Ellison, JT - No One Knows (ARC)

Finnegan, Amy - Not in the Script (ARC)
Frederick, Jen - The Charlotte Chronicles (ARC)

Gaber, CL & Stanley, VC - Jex Malone (ARC)
Garcia, M.L. - What She Lost and Found (ARC)
Glass, Darrah - A Most Personal Property (ARC)
Goudge, Eileen - Bones and Roses (ARC)
Gray, Cecilia - Only With You (Jane Austen Academy) (ARC)
Gray, Cecilia - The Gentlemen Next Door Series (ARCs)
Green, Abby - Getting Off
Greyson, Jen - Undertow (ARC)

Hale, Shannon - Austenland
Hale, Shannon - Midnight in Austenland
Hall, Marie - A Moment
Han, Jenny - The Summer Trilogy
Harlow, Melanie - Frenched
Harris, Rosemary - The Bitches of Brooklyn (ARC)
Hart, Amber - Before You (ARC)
Hart, Katie - The Good Girl's Guide to Bad Guys (ARC)
Hart, Riley - Broken Pieces
Hathaway, Mary Jane - Persuasion, Captain Wentworth and Cracklin' Cornbread (ARC)
Hathaway, Mary Jane - Pride, Prejudice and Cheese Grits (ARC)
Hazard, Alessandra - Just a Bit Obsessed
Hazard, Alessandra - Just a Bit Wrong
Hodge, Sibel - Look Behind You
Howard, Lesa - Phantom's Dance (ARC)

Jackson, Lisa - Wicked Ways (ARC)
James, Syrie - Jane Austen's First Love (ARC)
Jaynes, Jennifer - Never Smile at Strangers (ARC)
Johnson, Debbie - Cold Feet at Christmas (ARC)

Kayla, Mia - Everything Has Changed (ARC)
Kove, TT - White Nights (ARC)

LaMarche, Una - Five Summers
Lark, Jane - I Need You (ARC)
Lawson, Piper - Schooled (Travesty Book 1) (ARC)
Libaire, Jardine - Here Kitty Kitty (ARC)
Lieske, Victorine E - Accidentally Married (ARC)
London, Ophelia - Definitely, Maybe in Love
Loren, Jaime - Waiting for April (ARC)
Luck, Olivia - New Point (ARC)
Lynn, J - Be With Me

Madison, Juliet - Haunted Ever After (ARC)
Mae, Cassie - The Real Thing (ARC)
Mallory, Malia - Something True (ARC)
Marcoe, Caylie - Choose Us
Marton, Dana - Forced Disappearance (ARC)
Mathieu, Jennifer - The Truth About Alice (ARC)
McCain & McNeil - Dear Nobody: The True Diary of Mary Rose (ARC)
McLean, Jay - More Than This (ARC)
McKenna, Cara - After Hours
McKenna, Cara - Her Best-Laid Plans
Mead, Richelle - Frost Bite: A Vampire Academy Novel
Mead, Richelle - Vampire Academy
Mitchell, Maggie - Pretty Is (ARC)
Monn, Peter - The Before Now and After Then (ARC)
Moran, Molli - One Song Away (ARC)
Morley, Isla - Above (ARC)

O'Grady, Kristina - Damsel in Distress? (ARC)
O'Roark, Elizabeth - Waking Olivia (ARC)

Paige, Sabrina - Cannon
Paige, Sabrina - Prick
Paige, Sabrina - Tool
Palmisano, Richard - Meeting Place of the Dead (ARC)
Park, Jessica - Flat Out Celeste
Park, Jessica - Flat Out Love
Pembroke, Sophie - Room For Love (ARC)
Pierce, Olivia - The In Between (ARC)
Pine, AJ - If Only (ARC)
Pizzitola, Renita - Just a Little Crush (ARC)
Plank, Tonya - Fever: A Ballroom Romance (ARC)
Porter, Jane - Beauty's Kiss (ARC)
Probst, Jennifer - Searching For Perfect

Quinn, Hadley - Kiss This

Ransom, Dana - Totally Yours (ARC)
Rayner, Holly - The Billionaire's First Christmas
Reay, Katherine - Dear Mr. Knightley
Reid, Stacy -  The Duke's Shotgun Wedding (ARC)
Renshaw, Winter - Absinthe
Rorick, Kate & Su, Bernie - The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet (ARC)

Saucier, Colette L - Pulse & Prejudice (ARC)
Saxman, Suzan & Perdita Finn - The Reluctant Psychic (ARC)
Scheerger, Sarah Lynn - The Opposite of Love (ARC)
Schroeder, Lisa - The Bridge From Me to You (ARC)
Schroeder, Shannyn - Her Perfect Game (ARC)
Schwartz, Jenny - Hero Duty (ARC)
Schumacher, Julie - Dear Committee Members (ARC)
Scott, Cecilia - Him (ARC)
Scott, Kierney - Cross Your Heart (ARC)
Seth, Peter - What It Was Like (ARC)
Sexton, Jackie - Homecoming (ARC)
Snyder, Suleikha - Opening Act (ARC)
Sorensen, Jessica - Nova and Quinton: No Regrets (ARC)
Spears, Crystal - Talania: A Trip Down Memory Lane
Stanton, Angie - Dream Chaser
Stewart, Edward - Ballerina (ARC)
Sweeney, Alison - Scared Scriptless (ARC)

Tenino, Anne - Poster Boy (ARC)
Torrest, T - Remember When (ARC)
Torrest, T - Remember When: The Sequel
Trapido, Barbara - Brother of the More Famous Jack (ARC)
Trent, Holley - Seeing Red (ARC)
Troup, Ann - The Lost Child (ARC)

Vaughn, Violet - Release (ARC)

Waldman, Adelle - New Year's (ARC)
Ward, Penelope - My Skylar
Ward, Penelope - Step Brother Dearest
Weeks, Abby - Alpha 1: Who is Holden West? (ARC)
Weir, Theresa - Unbroken: Boxed Set (ARC)
Wicks, Becky - Before He Was Famous (ARC)
Wilding Wells, A. - A Mess of Reason (ARC)
Witt, L.A. - Conduct Unbecoming
Witt, L.A. - Starstruck (ARC)
Witt, L.A. - The Walls of Troy (ARC)
Wolford, Perie & Doering, Michelle - Turning 16

York, Sabrina - Smoking Holt (ARC)

Zabo, Anna - Just Business (ARC)

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