Monday, December 22, 2014

I Need You by Jane Lark

I Need You
by Jane Lark
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Published by: HarperImpulse - October 23, 2014
Genre: NA, Romance, Illness, Mental Health Issues
Rating: 3 Stars

NOTICE: I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Wanting his best friend's girlfriend is a cliché Billy knows well - it's the tightrope he's walked for years.

But now Jason and Lindy have broken up and Billy can't help but be there for the girl he's loved from afar for so long. She's hurting.

Fighting to find a road to the future, Lindy's heart hurts. She's trying to escape the truth, but Billy keeps making her face it - and it's ugly. How can she keep living when everything is made of glass and it keeps shattering?

Her one constant is Billy. Only, rebound isn't his style and when Lindy starts to see him in a different light, he just can't trust her. He's no one's second best.

I'm not quite sure how to rate this. The author did a wonderful job of describing Lindy's hatred of her body, herself and the projection of those things onto her surroundings and the people around her. I used to hate my body and spent many years "letting" men have sex with me rather than "wanting" to have sex with them. Her friend Billy, who's loved her secretly, forever, makes it his mission to help her accept herself and learn to "want" and not "let" sex happen. He teaches her to be a willing participant and learn to enjoy intimacy. Let me make this clear: Lindy wasn't continually assaulted. That's not what I mean by "let." She was a willing participant, but did not know how to "want" with her body.

The relationship between Jason, Lindy and Billy was well-characterized. The marriage of Jason to Rachel brought a new element, showing Lindy just how much she'd been missing in her old relationship with Jason.

I admit that after things started to resolve, I was ready for the end to come. It dragged out a bit for me.

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