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Wicked Ways by Lisa Jackson & Nancy Bush

Wicked Ways
by Lisa Jackson & Nancy Bush

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Published by: Kensington Books - November 28, 2014
Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Supernatural
Rating: 2.5 Stars

NOTICE: I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

The Greatest Terrors

Elizabeth Gaines Ellis is an ordinary suburban wife and mother. That's what she tells herself as she flits between her realtor job, yoga class, and caring for her daughter, Chloe. But for months now, Elizabeth has worried that she's far from normal…that she's somehow the cause of a series of brutal, horrible deaths.

Are The Ones

Her mean-spirited boss. A bullying traffic cop. Her cheating husband. Elizabeth had reason to be angry with them all. She didn't mean for them to die. No one will take her fears seriously--except the private investigator prying into her past. . .

Too Close To See

The more scared and angry Elizabeth becomes, the higher the death toll grows. But those who wrong her aren't the only ones in danger. Because others have secrets too, and a relentless urge to kill without mercy or remorse…

I've read many thrillers by Lisa Jackson over the years, so I was eager to read her latest. I'm not familiar with Nancy Bush.

Unlike all previous Lisa Jackson books (that I've read), this one deviated from the formula a bit. Quite a few characters had special "gifts." The supernatural element seemed strange at times any time talk of Siren's Song was mentioned. In it lived a house full of women with gifts. Elizabeth comes to learn that she is related to them.

I'm not one for supernatural books, so I wasn't as into this as most people will probably be. I was expecting another hair-raising thriller from Lisa and this book just didn't fit that bill.

Also, there were a lot of loose ends and important details left out of the book. It was never explained who the killer really was in relation to Elizabeth in terms of where they first met. It was mentioned that they went to high school together, but never if they interacted or anything of that nature. There wasn't a lot that convinced me the killer's unnatural obsession with Elizabeth made sense.

The final chapter was also very rocky. It felt like the authors were trying to throw in a bunch of details at the end, and rather than write them out, occurrences were almost in bullet-points. Strange.

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