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Conduct Unbecoming by LA Witt

Conduct Unbecoming

By LA Witt

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Published by: Samhain Publishing - October 23, 2012
Genres: GLBT Romance
Rating: 4.5 Stars

As long as no one asks and they don’t tell…
First class petty officer Eric Randall is less than thrilled about taking orders to Okinawa. Three long, lonely years on a crappy island that’s thousands of miles from his daughter? Oh. Yeah. Sign him up. But as long as he’s stuck here, he might as well make the best of it, so he discreetly checks out the local gay scene.

Shane nearly drops his drink when the gorgeous, cocky-looking guy strolls into Palace Habu. He buys him a drink, and before long, they’re making out in a booth. Eric is a straight-to-the-point kind of guy and doesn’t want to play games. Since Eric’s idea of not playing games is getting the hell out of there and going back to one of their apartments, Shane is more than happy to go along with it.

What starts as a scorching-hot one-night stand leaves both of them wanting more…until Eric finds out Shane doesn’t just outrank him, he’s an officer. DADT may be repealed, but an officer getting involved with an enlisted man falls under conduct unbecoming.

Still, they can’t resist their mutual desire. There’s no reason anyone has to find out. But secrets have a way of outing themselves.

After reading Starstruck by LA Witt, I wanted more, so I chose this beauty of a love story from her other repertoire. I was also lucky enough to read her new one, The Walls of Troy!

While I enjoyed both of her other reads, the love story between Shane and Eric is meaningful, intense and ever-so-satisfying. Yes, there's the hot attraction, the amazing sex, with the military in the way of a real relationship. All of the usual LA Witt aspects are there, but there's also the beautiful love story that Shane and Eric share and the time they take to get to know one another and show care for one another. It's not just all hot sex and attraction. It's a story about family, coming out, protecting your job, but also protecting the love you want to share with someone else. I can't gush enough about this one or tell you how much I want to read MORE of LA Witt!

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