Monday, September 15, 2014

Her Best Laid Plans by Cara McKenna

Her Best Laid Plans

By Cara McKenna

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Published by: Red Hot Cosmo Reads from Harlequin - August 12, 2014
Genres: NA, Sex, Novella
Rating: 4 Stars

Imagine nursing a pint in a cozy, authentic country pub, far from Cork's busy city pulse. Getting here took you a plane, bus, taxi and…um, bicycle. But just as you're resigning yourself to drinking beside grey-haired farmers, you see him—a man with the looks and charm to soothe any heartbroken girl.

He's your bartender. Your really, really gorgeous bartender.

For American Jamie Webb—recently dumped and housesitting for two weeks—Connor Kelleher is like a six-course feast after a 23-year starvation diet. But it's gotta be casual. She's just begun rerouting her life after a three-year man-related detour. Still, a sexy romp (or twenty!) with Sexy McBartender?

But what happens when Jamie's best-laid plans for no future plans with any man begin to change?

After loving After Hours by the same author, I discovered these Red-Hot Cosmo Reads from Harlequin. I eagerly bought this one and devoured it in one sitting.

For only being 85 pages, there sure was a hot courtship and a satisfying unexpected ending (which I won't give away).

Jamie and Connor together are scorching hot. I love that he makes her articulate everything she likes and wants in bed. Makes for a hot read! I REALLY want to comment on the ending, on what I call "The Grand Gesture" but I can't. All I can say is that Cara McKenna rocks and so does this novella. Buy. It. Now.

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