Monday, May 12, 2014

Only With You (Jane Austen Academy) by Cecilia Gray

Only With You (Jane Austen Academy)
by Cecilia Gray

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Published by: Gray Life LLC on May 27, 2014
Genres: YA Romance, Jane Austen Re-Telling
Source: ARC from Publisher
Rating: 4.0 Stars

NOTICE: I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
Emma has it all - looks, money, and luck. It's not like she keeps it all to herself - she's totally committed to helping those less fortunate. AKA, everyone. She invites her heartbroken friend to help with a weekend charity event with an eye to matchmaker, but when that friend turns her eye toward the guy Emma wants for herself, how will she choose between friendship and her own feelings?

YA + Jane Austen = SWOON! This light, fun re-telling of "Emma" is one of Cecilia Gray's 6 Jane Austen Academy books and a gem of a find.

You know Emma. She loves playing matchmaker for her friends, and her scheme for this long weekend is no different than usual. Emma convinces Anne, Josh and Knight to spend the weekend keeping her company while her parents are away - aka - Emma plans to fix Anne up with Josh and send them off into happily-ever-after-land. Emma's best friend, and sometimes harshest critic Knight, knows that this isn't going to be a good idea. Things get complicated when Anne's ex shows up for the weekend and the 5-some weave in and out Emma's romantic antics. Along the way, as we all know from the original story, Emma realizes that she's loved Knight all along, but can't find a way to tell him. It seems like Knight and Anne like each other now, and Emma would never do anything to ruin her friendships. Should she keep quiet about her feelings or take a chance on love?

I highly recommend this quick, fun read. In fact, I plan to read the previous books on the Academy as well. I hope you'll do the same!


  1. Thank you for being on the tour!! <3

  2. I can't wait to read this book!!! I just finished the third book in the series! It was amazing! :D

    1. omg your REVIEW was amazing. I'm totally going to steal a quote from it, haha :)


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