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TTT: New Adult Books

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Top Ten Books I'd Recommend to 1st Time New Adult Readers

1. Without a doubt, I See London by Chanel Cleeton - Samir & Maggie and HOT HOT HOT! Set in a London University, player Samir and naive Maggie can't stop the pull between them and you, the reader, won't want them too!

2. The sequel to I See London is London Falling. It's the only sequel I've ever liked! This book has alternating chapters showing Maggie and Samir's reactions to the same situation. We didn't get to see things from Samir's side in the first book, and I loved being able to do so in this book!

3. The Wrong Woman by Brenda J Brown - Norah's starring in her first feature film across from director and actor David Raurke. I loved the theatre aspect of this book as well as the fact that Norah and David didn't have a love/hate relationship. That is overdone in too many books. You can have attraction without hating one another.

4. If Only by AJ Pine - With an excerpt like "One minute they're trapped on the train in between malfunctioning doors; the next they're sharing the most passionate kiss of their lives," you know it's good.

5. Opening Act by Suleikha Snyder - I love musicians and I love friends-turned-lovers stories. This steamy novella has them both!

6. Now and Then by Brenda Rothert - Sisters Emma and Layla grew up next door to hot, popular Cole Marlowe. Cole took Layla out a few times, never noticing younger sister Emma. 10 years later, Emma literally runs into Cole and things immediately heat up. This book is free on Kindle right now!

7. Legal Ease by Lori Ryan - Jack Sutton needs a wife in order to keep his CEO position at his father's company. Kelly Bradley just go into law school, but has no way to pay her tuition. Jack and Kelly make a pact to marry for one year. Jack gets to keep his job and Kelly gets her law school funded. Simple right? Simple until they start falling in love . . . It's currently free on Kindle!

8. Surrender Your Love by JC Reed - There are also 2 sequels to this book, the 2nd of which isn't too bad, although I didn't love the 3rd. The series follows pretty boy Jett Mayfield and Brooke Stewart. After the hottest one-night-stand ever (!), Brooke discovers that she just slept with her new boss!! Lots of heat in this book, ladies!

9. The Navy Seal's Email Bride by Cora Seton - Another book where the man must get married, in this case, to save the family ranch. Regan Anderson is tired of trying to find a relationship and has decided to do IVF and have a baby on her own. She doesn't expect to fall in love with Mason Hall, who also, coincidentally, needs to have a baby to keep the ranch. Sounds far-fetched and is a bit, but still a hot read.

10. Before You by Amber Hart - Faith is a preacher's daughter; Diego is from war-torn Cuba and has the scars and tattoos to show it. What happens when two people who shouldn't feel anything for one another find themselves drawn together, even in treacherous circumstances?

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