Tuesday, August 11, 2015

#fAcetoface with A

I pretty much can hardly handle the #BigA reveal tonight on Pretty Little Liars. There are soo many fan theories circulating out there. Here are my guesses, although I can't actually back everything up with examples . . .

My Initial Feeling:

Big A = Wren - He's really Charles and that's his motivation - not sure why he hates the girls though
Red Coat = CeCe
Black Widow = Melissa
Uber A = Aria (we won't find this out until the end of the 7th season)

But, I need to take into considering the following information:

All key plot lines revolve around Radley.

  1. Wren volunteered there
  2. Aria volunteered there
  3. Mona lived there
  4. Spencer lived there
  5. Bethany Young lived there
  6. Toby's mom lived & died there
  7. Charles DiLaurentis lived and possibly died there
  8. Jessica D was on the board at Radley
  9. A young Spencer may have been there too (remember the Maddie Ziegler dance?)
  10. How was Mona able to just come and go from Radley
  11. What did that orderly guy know? Forget his name . 
  12. A CCavanaugh visited Radley. Charles Cavanaugh aka Toby who isn't really Charles but has taken over his identity a bit? Or maybe he really was Charles at one time. Are Marion Cavanaugh & Mrs D siblings?

    They also revolve around the DiLaurentis Family.
    1. Someone has been trying to kill Ali for years - she even faked her own death to escape
    2. Ali's mom, buying 2 little girl dresses (in a flashback), the birthday party with "Freddy" at the Campbell Farm
    3. Jessica D's sister was a Campbell
    4. Andrew is an adopted Campbell
    5. Ken D thought Charles was dead. He also told Jason that Charlie was his imaginary friend.
    6. Jessica was on the board of directors for Radley - where Charles, Bethany, Marian lived . . .
    7. Jason is always in and out of town, mysteriously. Why? Was he really at rehab? 
    8. Charles - is he dead or alive? Is someone pretending to be him or using the name of Charles D as a ruse?
    9. And Mrs D got pregnant for Jason by Mr. Hastings. That makes Spencer and Jason & the D family 1/2 siblings. 

    And just where do the following people fit into the equation?
    1. Sara Harvey
    2. Who was Hottie Boy Ali thought she was pregnant by all those years ago?
    3. Melissa, if she's not Black Widow
    4. CeCe, if she's not Red Coat
    5. Mona
    6. Andrew Campbell
    7. Bethany Young
    8. Charles D - is he dead or alive
    9. How many people are currently on the A Team?
    10. Jenna
    11. Lucas
    12. Where is Tippy the bird?
    13. The NAT Club in general - It's interesting that Jason is the only member who's still alive.
    Are any of these "dead" people actually still alive? Marlene King hinted some dead might rise...
    1. Maya
    2. Garret
    3. Wildon
    4. Ian
    5. Jessica D
    6. Marion Cavanaugh
    Consider these:

    Who is technologically advanced enough to be A?
    1. Caleb
    2. Mona
    3. Andrew Campbell
    4. Ezra
    5. probably Spencer
    6. Lucas
    7. Maybe Jenna
    Who is rich enough to fund A?
    1. Hanna
    2. Mona
    3. Any of the DiLaurentis clan
    4. Carissimi Group which seems related to Jessica DiLaurentis
    5. Spencer
    6. Melissa
    7. The Hastings parents
    People who like dolls?
    1. Mona
    2. Aria
    3. Ali had dolls in her room too
    The Charles Clues

    1. Charlemagne
    2. The Mime at Ravenswood (who I initially thought looked like Caleb but now think looks like Toby) 
    Who was at the Prom 7 Years Ago:
    1. CeCe was Prom Queen
    2. Jason
    3. Garret
    4. Melissa
    5. Ian
    6. Maybe Charles should have been there - maybe he was. 
    The whole Charles is a Girl Theory:
    1. That Charles became Bethany Young
    2. That he is Sara Harvey
    3. This is why he likes dolls so much?

    Other things that have shaped my final(ish) opinion:
    1. Keenan saying that the ending is bittersweet
    2. Makes me think it's someone we care deeply for. 
    3. Hearing that it's been in front of our face all along by Marlene King.
    4. Spencer says that she got the feeling she knew Charles to the girls after she'd just been standing in front of him. This could mean Ian, Jason, or TOBY . . .
    So, I've sort of decided this:

    Big A = Toby (although personally, I don't think he's smart enough). It was really one of A's minions in the arcade to throw the others off the scent that it was really Toby all along. Toby has always seemed kind of older. He never finished school (maybe he already did elsewhere - around Jason's graduation time), always had a big boy job while his gf was in high school, etc. He could be older.

    Motives = Hates Ali for blackmailing him over Jenna. Thinks the D family is somehow responsible for his mom's death. He's avenging it. Hates the liars, well, b/c they did the Jenna thing. The NAT Club except for Jason as all been killed. He's been dating Spencer to stick close to the Liars to try to ruin their lives/kill them. He tried to date Emily first, but she turned out to be gay. Then he moved to Spencer. Has been with Jenna the entire time (as in in-love). She is Red Coat and she can see.

    Actual Red Coat = Jenna (CeCe and Ali have worn it too) - She has a lot of the same motives as Toby - the whole Jenna thing, revenge for Toby's mom, etc. Or we could all be surprised and it's Maya from the dead. Not sure of her motive though. I do think Red Coat is more in control than Big A.

    Black Widow = Melissa - like she told Spencer earlier re the Bethany/Ali buried alive thing - she did it to protect her little sister. Maybe the Black Widow is good and has been around helping the Liars. She knew about Toby and Jenna so she kept a close eye on Spencer and the girls. 

    Now, if one of the dead people was really still alive this whole time, who would it be and what would their motive be for the dollhouse, etc?
    1. Maya - she seemed to have secret info about Ali (maybe found it hidden in their house)
    2. Ian - He hated Ali for sure for coming between him and Melissa
    3. Garret - He loved Jenna, so if Jenna is involved, maybe him laying low was part of the plan all along.
    4. Wildon - Connected to Jason, Ali, etc
    And what's with . . . .
    1. That darn yellow Ali shirt everyone has to wear?
    2. The doll fixation?
    3. Maya's secret web page? Was Maya really killed for some other reason?
    4. If Wren isn't A, then what's with him anyway?
    5. Jason being the only ALIVE member of the NAT Club (that we know of)
    6. The dude in the gas mask in the Halloween episode? We still don't know who that was. And then Mona got the gas mask in the Dollhouse . . .
    7. Lucas & Jenna holding hands at prom together? Did anyone else catch that?
    8. This could be a neverending list. . .
    Things I Want Answered in an Hour:
    1. Who is Big A and why?
    2. Who are A's minions and why?
    3. Who is Red Coat and their connection to Big A?
    4. Who is Black Widow?
    5. Is Charles dead or alive?
    6. What's up with Bethany?
    7. What's up with Sara? She foreshadowed that Emily prob won't like her after this final reveal episode last week.
    8. What's up with Radley in general?
    9. Why did the people who've died have to die and who actually killed them? It would be too tidy to say that A killed them all. After all, we've all seen the movie Clue.

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