Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Per-Show A-nalysis of the Big A on PLL!

I feel like we’re in an 80’s Choose Your Own Adventure book, because ANY of these characters could be A!

It’s t-minus 4 hours to A’s bid showdown, and I thought I’d take a moment (or 20) to go over my thoughts on who the Big A might be and why . . . Feel free to weigh-in in the comments section! I’m dying to read your theories!

Jenna Marshall – Conniving Jenna dominated Seasons 1-3 with sensitive, scared Jenna showing up in Season 4. However, other than the random Alison-Mask-Face moment in the Christmas episode, she’s been inexplicably absent from Season 5. She may be the Big A, but I think she’d be featured a bit more prominently in this season. I’m ruling her out.

Alison DiLaurentis – It would be great if the one suspected all 5 seasons of being A, was, actually, A! But, that wouldn’t be any fun . . .

Vivian Darkbloom – Was that really Ali dressed up or does Ali have a twin? Can you say, “Satan A?”

Jason DiLaurentis – Um, sex with Mrs. Marin? That earned a few out-loud “No’s” screamed by my friend and I during Season 5. He’s always seemed sketchy to me, and is at the center of everything, being not only Alison’s brother but also Spencer’s. I wouldn’t count him out.

Jessica DiLaurentis – She’s obviously not “the” A since we all know she’s dead and buried . . . but who killed her? That’s what I still want to know. And did she really think Spencer killed Ali? And why did she bury her own daughter? Perhaps she thought Jason murdered his own sister. . . and perhaps he tried to. . .

CeCe Drake – Alison’s evil twin. She’s definitely worked for A if she’s not “the” A. I think it would be too obvious if she was, though, so I’m ruling her out.

Melissa Hastings – Dear old Melissa: one minute, pretending to be protecting Spencer, the next, eyes narrowing in evil desire to hurt her sister and her friends. I don’t trust her, so she’s still in the running.

Peter Hastings – He’s practically in bed (figuratively) with all of his daughter’s (Melissa) misdeeds. These two come as a pair. If she’s an A, then so is he. Hey, maybe an entire family is the Big A. Maybe it’s “The Hastings = A.” Wouldn’t be shocked.

Toby Cavanaugh – Maybe he didn’t just put himself in the police department to keep Spencer safe. Maybe he’s really there to keep on top of things as the Big A! He was an A helper, afterall. I almost peed my pants during that reveal scene!

Spencer Hastings – She’s too obvious a choice for A. She’s smart and nosy as hell. I don’t think it’s her.

Wren Kingston – Melissa’s boyfriend who makes out with Spencer which breaks up his relationship with Melissa which sends him packing but pops him up at Radley of all places being best buds with former A, Mona, and now he’s back with Melissa???? We haven’t seen him in Season 5, but I’ve never trusted him and want to learn more about his connection to Radley. Don’t we all?

Lucas Gottesman – Lucas Lucas Lucas. He loves Hanna, but hates Ali. He even destroys her memorial. Then there was that whole canoe-kidnapping of Hanna in Season 3 or 4. Wait. Didn’t someone try to drown Jenna in the same episode? Who was that? I can’t keep up with all of this stuff!!

Emily Fields – Gentle Emily. I think she’s the least likely of all the “girls” to be the Big A, so perhaps PLL will blow my mind and choose her.

Paige McCullers – Tries to drown Emily, then tries to sleep with Emily. Emily sleeps with the enemy. She’s always been a bit obscure and on-edge. It’s strange that in Season 5 she was all gung-ho Emily, then suddenly super happy to move away and never talk to Emily again. Suspect, much?

Ezra Fitzgerald – Still don’t trust him. I still think he’s a head-runner for the Big A. He clearly has the spyware and the detective skills. I don’t trust him anymore, and Aria and her friends shouldn’t either. What adult teacher dates a 16-year-old student anyway? Ew, gross!

Noel Kahn – Evil as sin, but I don’t think he’s smart enough to pull all of this off. He needs people like Ali to tell him what to do.

Sydney Driscoll – She and her terrifying lips showed up in Season 4, but thankfully only reared their ugly, uh, lips in the Christmas episode of Season 5. Maybe her mouth is A!

Aria Montgomery – Besides Emily, she’s the least likely Big A in my opinion. That would, by default, make her a good A . . .
Mike Montgomery – He’s not smart enough to be the Big A, but he’s certainly doing favors for A or for a dead Mona.

Andrew Campbell – Clearly he’s a regular on Season 5 and we all saw the end of that one episode where A was putting “Andrew Jackson” bills in each prison Bible. But wouldn’t that just be TOO obvious of PLL to make him A? He’s certainly helping A, but I doubt he’s the Big A. Maybe he doesn’t even know about A at all. Maybe he’s just a random psychotic *sshole Aria’s managed to get mixed up with.

Officer Holbrook – Too obvious plus he hasn’t been around in all the seasons. Not sure why he was dumb enough to let Ali mess with his head, but clearly he’s weak somewhere inside. Oh, and the Santa outfit looked stupid, by the way.

Lt Tanner – Yeah, no.

Pastor Ted – Um, possibly. I can’t remember them now, but I feel sure I had some funny feelings about him in the past. It would just make sense for someone as proper and devout as Pastor Ted to be A. Pastors can be creepers, you know.

Hanna Marin – I’ve gone down the list of all the other Liars, leaving her for last. Season 5 has really promoted Hanna being the smartest of the girls. She’s looked pretty evil/guilty to me at times, and I really just feel Season 5 has set her up to be the ultimate A, with or without Caleb’s interwebs help.

Caleb Rivers – See above. He’d do anything for Hanna. Anything – even be on a really bad tv show named Ravenswood that anyone could see was going to be cancelled after the first season!

Oh! Mona's Mom - Where has she disappeared to this season? Maybe the reason Mona was so smart is because she learned it from her mom!!

In all sincerity, with Keegan Allen calling the reveal "tragically beautiful," I feel like it HAS to be one of the Liars. I'm going to settle on Hanna.

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