Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday Mish Mash

Mondays often find me rambling about things other than books. Here's today's offering.

1. Finished watching Homeland Season 3 and have to wait until Season 4 is released.

2. Season 3 of Orphan Black on BBC America is in full swing and I'm invested. It took about 4 episodes to get me interested, but I'm there. Seasons 1 & 2 were awesome - it just took me a bit to get into the new plot line.

3. PLL Season 6 premiers on June 2. Can hardly wait for that!! Season 5 jumped the shark in many ways until the last 3 episodes. The last 3 eps FINALLY got back into the PLL swing of things. I could've done without the rest of the season, honestly. I hope Season 6 stays true.

4. Saw the Rifftrax version of The Room last Wed and am seeing the encore edition tomorrow night in theatres. I literally laughed so hard I spit pop all over myself.

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