Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wednesday Wisdom

Well, it's  not really wisdom that will be helpful to you. It's more about me. Plus, it's Wednesday - so there's that. . .


  1. What I'm Watching on TV: Homeland, The Americans, Murder She Wrote re-runs
  2. What I'm Watching on Film: Man From Uncle, Spy, Pitch Perfect 2, Austenland
  3. What I'm Listening to: Pitch Perfect 1 & 2 mixes and Elle King
  4. What I'm Reading: New Adult
  5. Genre I'm Not Longer Reading: YA Romance unless it's not HEA. You can't have a true HEA as a high school student. Sorry.
  6. Tropes I Can No Longer Read: Most traditional romance tropes
  7. Romance Tropes I Want to Write About with a Different Spin on them: After a night of passion, the GUY realizes the GIRL is his new boss. It's always the other way around. Younger BROTHER of best friend and sister's best friend falling in love. 
  8. What I Need to Do: Lose weight, eat better, start being more active

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