Friday, February 21, 2014

Welcome to She Read, Our Online Book Home

Hi all! I'm Vi (pronouced Vy like Violet) and my partner-in-crime is Elaine. We're coworkers spend half the day at work talking about our similar tastes in books (instead of, um, working), so we decided to set up something official. "She Read" was born!

Although it's still in its infancy, our goal is to read and review ARCs established authors as well as newbies! I'm a wannabe writer myself. Hopefully one day Elaine will be reviewing my memoir on here (and saying nothing but awesome things about it ;)). We also welcome author interviews, cover reveals, and blog tours. We'll also have a few giveaways once we get rolling! We LOVE to read, and we are here to help YOU spread the word about your new work!

At this time, we are seeking to read both self-published and traditionally-published works. This may change as our review queue grows.

To submit a book for review, use our contact form on the right.

Vi's Genre Likes:
*Young Adult - Coming-of-age, overcoming trauma, romance, suspense, mystery, & vampires (No sci-fi, horror or fantasy)
*New Adult

Note About Vampires: I hated the Twilight Series, but loved the Vampire Academy Series - I enjoy books with a strong female character.

Elaine's Genre Likes:
Apparently, she's not particular because she likes to read anything she can get her hands on, EXCEPT romance. No romance for Elaine. Send those to Vi. :)

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