Tuesday, June 9, 2015

TTT: Plots I'm Sick of Seeing

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Plots I'm Tired of Seeing

I decided to do this instead of my much-anticipated TBR list, because I'm just so tired of seeing the same blurbs over and over again. Here's my list. Which plot formulas are YOU tired of reading about?

1. The "Mary had everything: a home in the suburbs, a career in publishing and a loving fiance . . . until she found out her fiance was cheating (with his secretary/a man/her sister/her friend), got fired/laid off from her job, and had to move out of her house. Now she's homeless, jobless and loveless. Will Mary survive (yes)? Will she open that funky little bookstore she's always wanted to own (yes)? Will she find her true love by the end of the book (yes)?

2. See Jane. See Jane look for a roommate. See Jane think that Kelly, her new roommate, is a girl. See Jane find out Kelly is a hot ex-marine. See Jane hate Kelly. See Jane have sex with Kelly. See Jane and Kelly live happily ever after.

3. Sarah has one hot and unforgettable night with a guy she met in a bar. She's so lucky she'll never have to see him again. Fast forward to the next day . . . and she walks into her new job only to find out that her new boss is (yep, you guessed it) the guy she just slept with! Eek! Whatever will happen? A bend over the desk during the work day perhaps? Um, probably.

4. Then there's the old book where "Hallie inherits her crazy old aunt's large estate and decides to turn it into a bed and breakfast" routine. The guy hired to do construction on the place is of course her end of the book boyfriend.

5. We can't forget the book that spans two weeks, yet finds two people who met at the beginning of the book getting engaged by the end. Two. Weeks... Two. Weeks.

6. Calypso (yes - the books with super creative names bug me too) has to go back to the tiny old rundown trailer park she left 10 years ago to take care of her dying mother. What she doesn't expect is that her first love still lives in the town . . . and still loves her . . . Will she go back to the big city after her mother's passing or will she stay in town and make a life with Rafe? I think we know how this one ends.

7. Kate works 3 jobs to keep herself and her 5 year old daughter afloat. One day, her handsome, rich ex comes back into town. What he doesn't know is that when he left Kate for bigger and better things 5 years ago, she was carrying his child. By the end they're a happy little family and everything is forgiven.

8. The high school plot: Amber is drawn to the mysterious Rico who's from the other side of the tracks. He has a tragic past, and only Amber can heal his soul and bring him happiness . . . Dude. They're only in high school. That's just not realistic.

9. Cara is overweight, shy and doesn't know how to date. She begs her handsome friend Colin to teach her how to kiss etc. By the end of the book, she's lost the weight and bagged the babe.

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  1. Love this!!! You made me laugh so hard reading this... and this is also why I don't read Adult/New Adult Romance. Or even YA books that are just about romance. It's mostly all BLAH!! And I hate any book blurb that starts out with: (Insert Name) has it all. OMG stop with that phrase "has it all" or "seems to have it all". Just NO!! I immediately skip all books that say that.


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