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Choose Us by Caylie Marcoe

Choose Us

By Caylie Marcoe

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Published by: Amazon Digital Services - April 2, 2014
Genres: NA Romance
Rating: 3.75 Stars

Riley Logan and Travis Grayson have been best friends for the last fifteen years. She would do anything for him, go anywhere for him…and she has, countless times. Except now. Now he’s asking for too much. Their friendship has reached a breaking point and she doesn’t know how to go back. But as Travis’ personal assistant, Riley spends her every waking moment by his side.

When a fractured ankle puts Travis’ BMX career on hold he’s given more downtime than he knows what to do with. Always one for excitement, he agrees to become the bachelor on a televised dating show, but only if Riley goes in undercover to help weed through the girls.

What was supposed to be eight weeks of freedom has turned into eight weeks of hell surrounded by desperate girls all vying for Travis’ attention. He promised her the show would be smooth sailing. He promised he would listen to her advice on which girls should be eliminated. But now he’s breaking those promises and getting way too close to the girl Riley despises the most.

She shouldn’t care. Except she does. Much to her surprise there is one girl she wants Travis to choose… Her.

Will she get what she wants, or will Riley lose her best friend along with getting her heart broken on national television?

Best friends-turned-lovers are a fave read of mine, and Travis and Riley's story looked like a good one at first glance:
1. He's a famous BMX rider
2. She's his personal assistant
3. An accident sidelines him and he takes a gig on a dating show
4. The catch? He won't do it unless Riley is one of the contestants

I loved all four of those elements, and I enjoyed the drama of the dating show. The characters had all the elements of the ones you see on TV, especially evil vixen Nicki, however some of the drama got old after awhile. Like Riley, I couldn't understand why Travis thought Nicki was a good person when she was clearly fake. The author's use of this plot trick got a bit old. Riley and I both wanted to slap both Nicki and Travis upside the head. The author also tried to use the old "it wasn't what it looked like" routine quite a few times - one too many for my taste. While Travis bugged me, Riley bugged me just as much for going back to Travis time and again. However, I have done this in real life - so I know from personal experience that when you're in love, you do stupid things like follow your heart instead of your head.

All in all, I enjoyed the book and would read another novel by Caylie Marcoe. I really loved the beautiful cover too. Yum!

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