Monday, September 15, 2014

Getting Off by Abby Green

Getting Off

By Abby Green

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Published by: Red Hot Cosmo Reads from Harlequin - August 12, 2014
Genres: NA, Sex, Novella
Rating: 3 Stars

Caitlin Ryan has never had an orgasm—and she wants one! So does she

(1) Date lots of Mr. Nice-but-Wrongs and keep faking and hoping?

(2) Do a little DIY with a battery-operated friend and a lot of imagination?

(3) Go to NYC and have a wild night with a totally hot stranger?

When (1) and (2) don't work, Caitlin goes for (3). But even with motorbike-riding sex god Liam, old habits die hard, and yet again she has to fake it. Only he notices—and is not happy! Could things get any worse? Well, yes, when Liam becomes her new boss. But when Caitlin reveals that she's never climaxed, Liam rises to the challenge, offering a weekend of hot sex with the only goal her pleasure. Will letting him take control work? Caitlin can't resist finding out….

I discovered Harlequin's Red Hot Cosmo Reads and have been devouring them up. I liked the concept behind this one - that poor Caitlin has never had an orgasm - and I wanted a quick hot read. This sounded like a good one.

While it was hot - no doubt about that - I wished there'd been a bit more build-up. Liam was able to make her come right away during their agreed-upon weekend-long sex fest. I wish he'd had to work a bit harder (no pun intended). I also didn't love Liam. He was gruff and slightly rude, but never became a softy like most guys in stories who start out that way become. If Caitlin wanted him, more power to her, but I'd opt for someone else. I'd take my orgasm and run!

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