Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: YA Series Books

It's Top Ten Tuesday Time with The Broke & the Bookish.

Today's Topic: Top Ten Five All Time Favorite Books in X Genre YA Series Books
I admit it. I'm a 36-year-old YA addict. I really do have an adult life - pinky swear! I just love a good young adult series. Maybe it's because there aren't a lot of adult series out there that I tend to read YA. I love interesting characters and reading how they progress through each series installment.

Today, I'm going to list 10 of my all-time fave series's/series' (not sure what the plural of "series" is) that came out before your time. Most are YA coming-of-age romance books. They're still available in book lots on Ebay if you search and Amazon has a nice selection of $0.01 books available if you're willing to pay the $3.99 shipping fee. After reading my list below, please leave a comment if one of the series (or several) sound like it's something you'd like to read and why. Also, if you end up buying and reading a series, please come back to my site and let me know what you think!

Oh, and if you're intersted, here's a complete set of Series List by Author!

Printed in 1993 by Point Publishing; 2 books in series

Book One: Summer's Promise
Jess has a crush on Reed, a lifeguard at Far Hampton Beach, and when his snobby girlfriend, Paula, shows up, Jess is determined to stop her from stealing Reed away.

Book Two: Lifeguards: Summer's End
Determined to get Reed back, Paula schemes to get Jess out of the picture, and Jess, believing that Reed loves Paula, keeps her true feelings to herself.

Printed in 1993 by Harpercollins; 11 books in the series.
Here's the order of the books. I bought the entire set on ebay for $15 I think.

Book One: Ocean City
The first book in a new series about summer romance at the beach follows Kate, Chelsea, Grace, and Justin as they live it up in Ocean City.

Printed in 1992 by Harpercollins; 4 books in the series.
1. Summer Fling
2. The Buddy System
3. Campfire Secrets
4. Never Say Goodbye

Printed in 1991 by Berkeley; 33 books in the series. Here's the book order.

Book One: Sunset Island Along with two of her new friends (Samantha "Sam" Bridges and Carolyn "Carrie" Alden), eighteen-year-old Emma Cresswell has been hired as an au pair on Sunset Island, a tiny island off the coast of Maine where the rich and famous like to vacation.

Printed in 1998 by Harpercollins; 28 books in the series.
Here's the order of the series.

Book One: Zoey Fools Around (Making Out, Book 1)
They've all grown up together on a tiny island. They think they know everything about one another. . .but they're only just beginning to find out the truth. Zoey fools around , and it turns their world upside down. New couples are formed, friends become enemies, and secrets and unearthed. . .


  1. I read a Katherine Applegate series, The Summer Series. It was super cute.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. I read that Sunset Island series literally a thousand years ago. Blast from the past! :)

    My Top Ten Tuesday

  3. This list is fascinating. I feel very small, considering I was about 2 when these were published. Thanks for the links, I don't usually read YA, but since I've only ever read the modern kind, I would like to check out a couple of these. Also, pretty sure the plural of series is also series! :)

  4. I'm ashamed as I haven't read any of these. Definitely doing a little researh later... I love YA book series, but most of them aren't very good. 99% of book series would be better if they weren't series.

    I love your blog! I'm so happy I found it :D


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