Monday, March 24, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Book Bucket List

From the Broke & the Bookish

Top Ten Things On My Bookish Bucket List

Short-Term Goals:
1. Interview authors on my book blog - bonus if I can interview Lisa Gardner!
2. Learn how to spot good ARCs from bad ARCs
3. Figure out the difference between all the genres and sub-genres - Anyone have a link that will help?
4. Connect with book bloggers who like the same type of books as me so that we can share books
5. Figure out my book review format when posting

Long-Term Goals:
6. Finish all of Agatha Christie's Poirot books & review each
7. Finish a rough draft of my memoir
8. Find a writing group/editing partners that I connect with (that write the same genres as me)
9. Read all of Jane Austen's books and review
10. Decide on a pen name

What's on YOUR Bucket List that we have in common?


  1. I'll be starting Christie's Poirot series next month and I can't wait!
    Now following you through bloglovin :)

    Finley Jayne

  2. Great list! I want to read all of Jane Austen's works, I am a big fan of her! I am also always looking for bloggers with the same taste in books too, it's great finding like minded people :)

  3. maybe this helps a bit! I used it as a resource for an essay a while back and found it helpful.

    I really want to read all the Poirot books as well - I read some when I was younger and my mom LOVES them, so I feel like if I would read them, I could talk about them with her.

    Austen's books are SO GOOD! Enjoy when you get a chance to read them.

  4. Awesome list! I just interviewed a few authors and it's the best. I hope you can get Lisa G. Good luck <3

    Here's our TTT
    Doris @ OABR

  5. One of my tricks to spotting a good/bad ARC is that I REFUSE to agree to read any book without reading a sample. If I can't get through a sample of the book, there's no way I'll enjoy the entire book!

    I love how this is a Top 10 Tuesday! You may also want to link up to the original Bookish Bucket List, too!


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